Thursday, June 23, 2016

Kiddie Prom Party

I've run lots of different variations of Toddler Dance Party (which, in itself, is a variation of Musical Kids) but last week's Kiddie Prom Party was one of my very favorites! It included everything I love about Musical Kids and my past Toddler Dance Parties PLUS fancy outfits, a photo backdrop, and special gold crowns!

I wanted a playlist made up of songs similar to my regular Musical Kids songs, but also, I wanted to spice it up a bit since this was the prom and all. Here's what I wound up with (red = ipod, blue = sing):

1. Hello Song by Big Jeff
2. Celebration by Kidz Bop Kids (shakers)
3. Stop & Go by Greg and Steve (shakers)
4. Jumping and Counting by Jim Gill
5. Shake, Rattle, and Roll from Dance Party Fun (drums)
6. The Tempo Marches On by Jim Gill (drums)
7. Rocketship Run by Laurie Berkner (rockets) *
8. Bread & Butter (sticks) **
9. Whole Lotta Lovin' by Fats Domino (sticks)
10. Toast in the Toaster (parachute + balloons) ***
11. Hot Poppin’ Popcorn by The Wiggles (parachute + balloons)
12. Let's Go Riding in an Elevator (parachute) #
13. Merry Go Round by Wee Sing x2 (parachute) ##
14. The Balloon Game by Music for Little People Choir (balloons)
15. Blow A Kiss by Laurie Berkner ###

I also played a few extra songs at the end for taking pictures:

1. Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yello Polka Dot Bikini by The Kids from Kids Looney Party Tunes
2. Walking on Sunshine by Kidz Bop Kids
3. Monster Mash from Dance Party Fun (which I didn't ever actually wind up playing. Everyone was already out of the room by the middle of Walking on Sunshine).

* I write about Rocketship Run every single time I blog about my middle or oldest Musical Kids group. It's an absolute essential. I couldn't do the class without it. When we do this song, I hand out rockets-on-sticks for them to zoom around with, and then also, I hold up signs for all the places we "travel" to. Here's my stuff:

When I hold up each sign, the kiddos all run up and touch their rocket to the sign, like they're really "going" to the sun/moon/etc. I'VE NEVER TOLD THEM TO DO THIS, and yet in every class, it happens. It's so funny! They totally invented it and it's continued on from class-to-class.

Side note: I occasionally do a similar program at my local library and they do it there too! How do they all know to do it? I don't understand! It's adorable!

** This is Bread & Butter, thanks to Jbrary (although I modified it a teeny bit):

*** Another Jbrary one! Toast in the Toaster:

These lovely ladies recommend this as a great movement song, but I have always used it as a parachute song instead! We bounce the balls (we used balloons instead today!) gently until the word "pop," then we give a big snap and let the balls (or balloons) fly up! Usually everyone follows this with a soft "wooooh!" and usually I sing it twice.

# Might as well keep the Jbrary theme going today. Here is Let's Go Riding in an Elevator:

I sing this a lot slower for suspense. Then I have the kids go under the parachute as the floors move up higher and it works really, really well. The kids love it! I highly recommend this as a parachute song!

## Like Rocketship Run, Merry-Go-Round has become an essential part of my Musical Kids repertoire. For this, we lay the parachute down flat on the ground and the kids crawl into the middle and sit down flat. There are usually 1 or 2 kids who are either afraid of this or who would just prefer to stand outside the parachute with the grown ups, but the majority of the group likes this part the best of all! When the kids are all seated in the middle, the grown ups pull up from the parachute's handles and we all walk around in a circle, giving the kids a ride. I play the song twice (it's only 28-seconds long) and we change directions for the second time around. Here they are on their ride:

### I prefaced my usual "goodbye song" today by saying that, while this was the "goodbye song," I had a few other fun songs coming on after it, so there would be plenty of time to hang out and take pictures against the backdrop. BUT FIRST... I needed to crown all the prom kings and queens (aka everyone). The kids went wild for the crowns (these from Oriental Trading). Because these are just cardboard Oriental Trading crowns and not of the highest quality, I pre-taped them in three different sizes and handed them out based on the ages of the kids. Seriously, they all loved them! Then it was picture time! I want to share a few of my favorites:

What worked least: Shake, Rattle, and Roll felt a little long. But really, that's it! It was still fun and, honestly, I'm not even sure I would have swapped that song out for anything else if I had the chance to re-do it! It was a fun song for a change and helped with the partyish vibe I was going for! So there.

What worked best: Oh just... EVERYTHING. This was basically all the success of Musical Kids + cute outfits, balloons, give away crowns, and a photo backdrop!

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