Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentine Workshop

More Valentine's Day fun for me! Like I said in my post from yesterday, I really enjoy Valentine's Day. It could be that I just really really like hearts, pink, flowers, and chocolate. Or possibly it's that I will just cling on to anything at all that breaks up the horrible monotony of winter. I'm not sure what it is exactly that does it for me. But yeah, I get kinda pumped about Valentine's Day. And this comes out tenfold at work because kids + valentines = the ultimate cutest thing.

So today, more celebrating! This morning I had the pre-k crowd for Valentine Workshop. It was a pretty simple program. I read the kids a story and then they made valentines. I wound up trying a new book out: Hug Machine by Scott Campbell. Everyone enjoyed it, but didn't laugh out loud as much as I was hoping. I'd still recommend it for any Valentine's Day/love/friendship themed storytime though. It was just all-around sweet.

Then it was time to get creating!

Here are a few of the (very many) crafty valentines that were made:

Because the pre-school age group brings in the parents too, there were a lot of enthusiastic adults who encouraged their kids to make Valentines for every member of the family. It was really cute. Everyone went home with a massive stack of the things. Plus, I even scored a valentine out of the deal myself!:

What worked best and least: So...this was such a no-frills program that there really isn't much to discuss. I'm aware that this makes two posts in a row with cruddy answers to these two questions, but seriously, there's just not a whole ton to say about this program. I'm sorry; so sue me!

Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day, folks. Enjoy a break from the winter monotony.

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