Monday, June 8, 2015

Early Literacy Summer Reading Club 2015 (Little Helpers)

It's time for summer reading! Registration for this summer's reading programs starts tomorrow and I finally have everything organized, set out, and ready to roll. I was in charge of organizing this year's early literacy reading club (which I called Little Helpers) so I decided, hey, why not blog about it?

I named our early literacy Summer Reading Club Little Helpers since the Collaborative Summer Library Program theme for children this year is "Every Hero Has a Story," and the early literacy art seemed to focus more on community helpers. I had my graphic designer husband (shameless plug), make me a quick Little Helpers logo as well as some other matching text and, combined with the art from Jarrett J. Krosoczka, I started creating the pieces of the sign up packet. (Also, while we're on the plugging of my husband, he also made me the fabulous header seen at the top of my blog).

Anyway, here's what you get for signing up for the Little Helpers Read-to-Me club:

From left to right: Brochure & Activity Book, Vintage library stickers, Bookmark, Letter to the parents, Reading log, and the envelope it all comes neatly packaged in.

 ** The full Brochure & Activity Book can be downloaded here! **

** The reading log can be downloaded here! **

The bookmark is from CSPL Reads and the vintage stickers are really because we have SO MANY OF THESE, spools and spools, taking up space and honestly, they're still cool. So if the kids don't care for them, I hope they'll at least be a fun throwback for the parents. They were a throwback for me.

This year, the children earn prizes for every two books they read, up to 12 books, and a bonus prize if they hit 20 books. The prizes are:

2 books-- Fire Chief hat + Invitation to our wrap-up Brady Rymer concert
4 books-- Coloring Placemat
6 books-- Rubber Duck Community Hero
8 books-- Police Station Sticker Scene
10 books-- Hand Clappers
12 books-- Super Hero Sunglasses
20 books-- Beach Ball
Alternative prize-- Mini ABC book

I decided to add in the alternative prize because my reading club's ages range from birth to 5-years-old. Something like the Police Station Sticker Scene might be great for the older end of that range, but maybe not as good for the tiny babies. So, for any prize listed above, if the parents choose to, they can request the alternative prize as, well... an alternative.

This is what it looks like if you earn all 7 prizes:

From left to right: Brady Rymer concern invitation, Police Station sticker scene, Fire Chief hat, Clapping hands, Rubber duck community hero, Superhero sunglasses, Beach ball, Coloring placemat, Sign-up packet.

And these are the ABC books for the alternative prize:

Our final wrap-up party is a Brady Rymer concert, but unfortunately it coincides with my summer vacation so I'll be missing it.

Happy summer, everyone! We finally made it to June!

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