Friday, February 13, 2015

Musical Kids (for ages 3-5 years)

Because they were extra cute today, I decided to discuss the oldest group for Musical Kids Week 2 in this post, instead of the middle crew as I'd planned. I felt like I had to incorporate a little Valentine's Day love into this week's playlist so I found myself doing some songs that were not my regular go-to's.

Here's my week 2 playlist:
(red = ipod, blue = sing)

A New Way to Say Hello by Big Jeff
Pat-a-Cake (using each child's name and first initial, eg: "...Mark it with an E and put it in the oven for Ellen and me.")
We Are the Dinosaurs by Laurie Berkner (drums)
Can’t Buy Me Love by The Beatles (tambourines)
Stop & Go by Greg & Steve (*Heart Freeze Dance*, paper hearts)
You Are My Sunshine by Lisa Derosia (shakers)
I Know a Chicken by Laurie Berkner (shakers)
5 Little Monkeys (mitt)
Blow a Kiss by Laurie Berkner

Honestly, I don't know if a single child knew or cared about my special songs for Valentine's Day but I think the parents appreciated the mention and the kids really liked doing the Heart Freeze Dance! (Plus it beat focusing on the fact that it was also Friday the 13th.)

"Heart Freeze Dance," was borrowed from Sunflower Storytime's "Love" themed post. It was fun! It's just like regular freeze dance except when the music stops, instead of freezing, you hold your heart up over your face. We listened to Stop & Go, which is a freeze dance song itself and I had tons of leftover hearts from my Valentine's Day Party last night so it was a no-brainer and a hit! That's them in the photo above mid heart-over-face.

I'll discuss the middle group next week. I mean it this time!

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